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Reasons to study in Canada

As many as 500,000 international students come to Canada every year for college and university studies. Along with this, there will be several thousands of international students who enrol in elementary or high school. Canada is a great place to grow as a student. It offers diverse and multicultural classrooms with an option to study in English or French or both. Canada is known for it’s diverse and inclusive nature with people coming from different backgrounds such as religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, cultures, etc. The quality of teaching is high, and students have the freedom to express their views and innovate things. Students are encouraged to conduct their original research and come with innovative ideas that can have a substantial impact.

A lot of students prefer Canada from around the globe because of its research industries, trailblazing fields of business, engineering, healthcare, the latest technology, and more. Apart from this, Canada offers several other exciting benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Part-time work is allowed with a Canadian study permit.
  2. If it’s applied with a spouse, he/she can apply for an open work permit with which your partner can do a full-time job while you are studying in a public post-secondary school, such as a college or university or CEGEP in Quebec.
  3. Additionally, if your kids are minors, they get qualified automatically to study in Canada.
  4. International students have comparatively easier option to attain permanent Canada Immigration.
  5. A foreign national is eligible for some of the Immigration pathways of Canada once the individual completes graduation from a Canadian Education Institute. The pathways include Post-Graduate work permit, Provincial Nominee Programs, and fast-tracked Permanent Resident status.

However, being an international student, it can be quite worrying to learn about the immigration process and application rejections of Canada. That’s the reason, we at Ask Era Immigration take it upon ourselves to help you with the right set of resources and make your Canada dream turn into a reality. Ask Era will be your one-stop destination to Immigration to Canda permanently by starting the first step as an international student. We have several years of experience and expertise in the Canada immigration process and will help you in selecting.

  • A precise program based on your interests.
  • Arranging the Letter of Acceptance
  • Applying for the Study permit with a high success rate for the approval

Refusals and appeals are quite normal in the Canada application process. Your application can be refused if the officer is not satisfied with the application or necessary documents aren’t provided. It can also be rejected if the concerned officer believes that the applicant doesn’t meet the requirements needed for approval. This is where Ask Era comes to the rescue. We will help in appealing the decision of the officer by thoroughly rechecking the application and in submitting a new form altogether, which will be carefully prepared under the watchful eyes of our staff.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are not aware of the process or if your application got rejected for unknown reasons, contact us directly, and our team will guide you accordingly. To get started, please fill out the Free Student Assessment Form, and one of our student counsellors will be in touch with your right away.


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