British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

British Columbia PNP(BC PNP) Process

British Columbia is the central hub for cultural diversity and economic growth situated in the western province of Canada. It is the home for Canada’s third-largest city, Vancouver. British Columbia province focuses on a strong resources sector with priority on forestry and mining. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or simply British Columbia PNP, which allows a wide range of workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs to settle in British Columbia province permanently through the immigration process. Under this program, prospect foreign nationals with desired skills and experience will receive a British Columbia Provincial Nomination with which the candidates can apply for permanent residence of Canada.

The BC PNP is divided into two main streams through which the candidates can apply. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program categories are managed under a standalone unique system known as Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). Under SIRS, applicants have to first register a profile by providing necessary personal information relating to their job offer in British Columbia and other eligibility criteria like language ability, work experience, level of expression, etc. SIRS is designed to work based on Expression of Interest/Invitation to Apply, where all the registered individuals are given a score out of 200, and the British Columbia government periodically conducts draws. Registered candidates who meet the eligibility cut-off for their category in that draw will be invited to apply for the provincial nomination. The BC PNP streams are classified into two types. They are:

1. Skills Immigration and Express Entry British Columbia

The Skills Immigration stream of British Columbia(BC PNP) is for foreign nationals with specific skills and work experience that is needed for the employers to send the nomination. Based on the work category, skills immigration further sub-divided into different types. They are:

    • Skilled Worker Category:

      Candidates who have an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation fall under this category. Under this, candidates are expected to have several years of work experience.

    • Healthcare Professional Category:

      Individuals who have job offers in roles such as nurses, physicians, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals, etc. There are around 11 qualifying occupations in this stream.

    • International Graduate Category:

      Candidates under this category must be graduated from an eligible Canadian University in the last three years. These candidates should have a job offer from a British Columbian employer to qualify for the program

    • International Post-Graduate Category:

      Candidates under this category must have a graduate degree in the Sciences from an eligible British Columbian institution.

    • International Post-Graduate Category:Entry-level and Semi-skilled Worker Category:

      This category is designed for workers in a valid tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking or food processing occupation roles in obtaining a permanent residence in the British Columbia Province.

2. British Columbia Express Entry :

As the name suggests, this is a faster way of immigration for the eligible skilled workers into British Columbia express entry(BC PNP) province. The process is similar to that of the Federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection system. This stream works on the points-based invitation and is entirely web-based registration. Work experience of British Columbia is not necessary for this stream.

3. Entrepreneur Immigration:

This stream is for the experienced entrepreneurs who are interested in managing a business entity in British Columbia PNP(BC PNP) province actively. Just like Express entry, this is also a points-based invitation system. Personal and investment funds are required for this program.


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