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How To Extend Study Visa In Canada?

Most international students wish to continue staying in Canada for studies or work. But, what if your student visa is expiring? There is always a way for problems, but you need to act fast. You can apply for a study visa extension in Canada. Many cases require an international student to stay for more than a specified duration. It can be to complete their study program or if they moved from private to public schools. In both cases, the international students need to apply for a study visa extension in Canada.

It is a must that the international student carries a valid study permit to continue studying. Thus, make sure to apply for an extension before the validity period expires. First and foremost, submit an application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) from your temporary residence within Canada. The application will help with student visa extension for Canada. Also, you need to submit a few additional documents along with the application, including:

  • Temporary residential status within Canada
  • Study or work permit applications within Canada
  • Application related to study permit or work permit submitted from Canada

Most importantly, make sure the application is submitted 30 days before the expiry date. If you get delayed, you might miss the opportunity to apply for a study visa extension in Canada.

Study Permit Extension Procedure

The study permit's expiry date is a sign that you need to leave the country on a specific date. You cannot continue studying after the specific date. The expiry date is visible on the top right corner with your duration period and additional 90 days. These additional 90 days allow you to change your mind and apply for an extension or prepare for your luggage and leave Canada.

Want to Apply for a study permit extension in Canada?

You need to follow the listed instructions for different cases when applying for the student visa extension in Canada:

Right Time to Apply:

  • If you want to continue studying in a Canadian university, make sure to apply for the extension 30 days before the expiry date.

Best Method to Apply for Study Visa Extension in Canada:

  • Try to extend your study permit in Canada online using the official portal. You can apply on paper as well in case of disability or facing issues with an online application.

Study Permit Date Expires:

  • If the study permit expires, but you wish to continue, apply for a new study permit. Restore your identity as a temporary resident and pay the fees.

What if you have to Travel outside Canada:

You are eligible to re-enter Canada only if you meet the following conditions:

  • Make sure to have all the essential travel documents or a valid passport.
  • The candidate must have a legal study permit and qualify for designated learning institutes that follow an approved COVID-19 plan.
  • You hold electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  • You have qualified for the quarantine and COVID testing requirements.

Want to Stay in Canada but not for Studying

However, if you don't want to study but stay in Canada, you can:

  • Visit the official portal and apply for a work permit. Just make sure you have completed your education and are eligible for a work permit application.
  • Visit the official portal and apply for a change in status. You can become a visitor and stay in Canada for a while.

Note: If you forget or fail to apply for a permit extension in Canada, you must leave the country as per the expiry date.

Also, the authorities must approve the extension. If no confirmation is received for the same, you cannot continue to study without the permit. It is compulsory to meet all the guidelines to pursue education in Canada. They follow strict rules and will not allow entry into the country without complete documents and paperwork.

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