College Change In Canada

How to Change College in Canada?

International students often feel like changing college from private to public in Canada after visiting the country. It is common as the first decision generally depends on the updates they were provided about the country. Students often misguide or are influenced by the agents. But after visiting the country and spending some time in college, students realize it's not their best choice. They might feel more interested in other programs, not satisfied with the faculty, and more. A few students also learn that studying in a non-DLI will not be beneficial for them to get a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). As a result, international students look forward to transferring from private to a public college in Canada with proper guidance.

Change College from Private to Public in Canada

For transferring from a private to a public college in Canada, you must meet all the requirements essential for the study permit.

  • Make sure you have been actively studying in the designated college in Canada.
  • You got admission into a designated learning institution (DLI).

If you belong to any three categories, contact the officials.

  • A post-secondary student with a record of changing schools
  • Hold a co-op work permit and have changed school from post-secondary to a co-op program
  • Wish to change study permit conditions.

Note: You will receive an email to confirm your student status if you hold a study permit. Remember, all the official mail will end in “” Follow the email instructions for enrollment confirmation. Also, confirm that you have been actively studying in Canada for a period.

Do not miss updating the authorities if changing college from private to public in Canada. If you do so, the old school will update you as non-registered, and you will need to bear the consequences, such as:

Benefits under the Canadian Express Class program

  • You might need to leave the country.
  • You are breaking study permit rules.
  • You might be backlisted from the country in the future.

As a result, you cannot apply for another study or work permit in the future if this happens.

Other Cases:

  • If you do not inform about changing your Designated Learning Institute (DLI) before coming to the country, you might not be permitted to board the flight.
  • If the application procedure is still pending, connect with the officing using the IRCC web form. Make sure to submit a new letter of acceptance and update on changing the DLI.
  • If you change DLI, but the study permit application has been approved, make sure to re-submit the study permit and acceptance letter. Also, you might need to pay the fee for the new application.

Post-secondary students looking to change schools

  • If you are a DLI student, make sure to apply for a designated learning Institute.
  • Make sure to inform CIC each time you take a step to transfer school.
  • No requirement to change study permit.

Procedure to change college in Canada

Create an online account on the official portal and follow these steps to change college from private to public in Canada.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the option “Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer”.
  • Now, select “Transfer from DLI number”.
  • To find the application, type the study permit application number.
  • You may also be requested to fill in other details from the original study permit.
  • Press submit button at last after reviewing all the details.

Make sure to fill in the complete form and change your college.

However, this procedure of changing schools or programs is different in Quebec. They run their own immigration system, and you need to follow the province’s specific rules to transfer to college. Also, you must hold a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) to pursue education in Quebec.

Existing students need to apply for the CAQ application and must meet all the conditions to change college from private to public.

If you need any help in transferring from a private to a public college in Canada or want to exchange with a program, we are always here to help. Ask Era Immigration has helped many national and international students finalize their decision, apply for an application, and get a study permit over the years. Connect with our experts if you need any further help to change college from Private to Public in Canada.

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