Avoiding Scams

Tips On Avoiding Scams

"Here are some important tips to help protect yourself and to avoid immigration scams".

Scams and ghost consultants/people posing as licensed consultants have become a very large business in most recent years. It is very important to protect yourself from scams.

What to be aware of:

Do your research about the company, school, or reason you are coming to Canada. Research the person helping you. Ensure they are qualified, licensed and are following Canadian Immigration laws and regulations. Research before payment of any fees.

You are allowed to request an update on your file, this should be reasonable especially if it is past the usual processing times.

Please note these are only estimations to be used as a guideline. Your consultant should outline when they will contact you, and when you should contact them for updates.

You have the right to have someone who is working on your application to be transparent and honest with you at all times.

If the consultant/agent has helped you gain admission into a college/university in Canada, please ensure that you are enrolled in the program and that you have a real acceptance letter. Pay the tuition fees directly to your Designated Learning Institution. Please take time to research the college/university and program and ensure you have a valid acceptance letter.

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